SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio is SAP’s leading product for professionally authored dashboards and applications.

Even though all these dashboards and applications are available, either browser-based or on your mobile device (iPhone or iPad), a lot of customers are still looking for an option to export the dashboard to a PDF file for offline usage. That should not be a problem at all, but most dashboards come with content that is not always visible, like a dashboard using a Pagebook where a user can slide in several pages or a dashboard using multiple tabs to separate content. In these scenarios, the export or print option does not take the additional content into consideration.

Our VBX for SAP BunsinessObjects Design Studio already had export capabilities for PDF, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Word, and with our latest version we’ve also added the ability to add multiple pages as needed to the PDF export.

Lets take a very simple example. We have a dashboard which uses a Tabstrip. On the first tab we see a bar chart:

On the second tab we see a table:

On the third tab, we see a column chart:

If we were to use the standard PDF Export now from SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio, our PDF would only contain the page that we actually see right in front of us and if we would want to have the content of all three tabs, we would have to generate three separate PDF files.

Using our VBX, we now allow our customers to add content and then generate the final PDF file, so all the added content becomes part of a single PDF file.

As you can see from the video, we have three tabs and with a single click, I’m able to add the content of each tab and with another simple click I can generate the final PDF document.

With two simple lines of script, we now provide our customers the ability to export dashboards with components such as Tabstrips or Pagebooks and the ability to export several views – for example, different filter values – into a single PDF document instead of multiple PDF documents.

If you would like to give it a try, feel free to register for a trial version of VBX.