VBX Extensions - FAQ

for SAP Lumira Designer
What are the VBX Extensions for SAP Lumira Designer (VBX)?

VBX Suite is a custom component package from Lumel for SAP Lumira Designer consisting of 40+ extensions that includes charts, selectors, mapping, and other utilities. The suite also offers other features that are not available in the standard set of components

Where would I be able to see some demos of the VBX Extensions?

You can navigate to the following website to see a large set of demos:  https://vbxsuite.com/videos/

Where can I download a Trial version of the Lumira Designer Extensions?

You can navigate to the website https://shop.vbxsuite.com/trial/ to request a 30 day trial license for the complete Visual BI Extensions for SAP Lumira Designer.

Where can I find out which version of SAP Lumira Designer are supported by VBX?

You can find a list of supported platforms on our website following this link: https://vbxsuite.com/wp-content/uploads/vbx-extensions-for-sap-lumira-designer-vbx-supported-platforms.pdf
The document will list the supported versions for SAP Lumira Designer. In regards to the supported releases of SAP NetWeaver BW, SAP HANA, and SAP BusinessObjects BI platform, the Visual BI Extensions (VSX) support those releases that are listed as supported platforms for the SAP Lumira Designer release.

Are the VBX Extensions supported with the different deployment options of SAP Lumira Designer?

Yes, the VBX Extensions support the deployment option with SAP BusinessObjects BI platform, SAP NetWeaver, and SAP HANA.

Which releases of SAP Lumira Designer are supported with the VBX Extensions?

The VBX Extensions support the release 1.6 of SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio and release 2.0 of SAP Lumira Designer. You can also see further details in the list of supported platforms here: https://vbxsuite.com/wp-content/uploads/vbx-extensions-for-sap-lumira-designer-vbx-supported-platforms.pdf

Will the VBX Extensions work with the SAP BusinessObjects Mobile BI application?

Yes, all the components in the VBX Extensions (VBX) are also supported with the SAP BusinessObjects Mobile BI application.

What is the licensing policy for the VBX Extensions?

The VBX Extensions are licensed in a “flat fee” model for an unlimited use of viewing and design licenses across your system landscape (development, test, and production). The licensing cost is not based on the number of developers or viewers.

How frequent will there be patches and further enhancements for the VBX Extensions?

VBX Extensions have reached their EoL(End of Life) with respect to new features and enhancements, as well as support. The product is now available as-is without any support.

Where can I find more details, such as the product documentation and demo videos?

You can find the documentation for the Visual BI Extensions on our website following this link: https://vbxsuite.com/downloads/

You can find a library of demo videos on our website following this link: