03Dec 2020

SAP Analytics Cloud and its readiness as an Enterprise Analytics Tool

This webinar replay will walk you through a brief introduction to SAP Analytics Cloud as an enterprise analytics tool, the strategic investment areas highlighting some of the latest updates from Q4 2020, the roadmap of SAP Analytics Cloud, and the Statement of Direction from SAP.

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13May 2020

Exploring AI/ML Capabilities in Power BI

This webinar will walk you through a brief introduction to AI and ML, the importance of adopting AI/ML in BI for analytic solutions, and the new features of Power BI to embed AI/ML with a live demo. Tune in to learn how to move the analytic value curve and achieve insights-driven business.

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11Dec 2019

Power BI with SAP Integration – BW / HANA – US

In this webinar, we will be walking you through the various connectors present in Power BI when we want to connect SAP Database system.

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21Nov 2019

Is SAP Analytics Cloud Ready for Prime Time 2020?

In this webinar, we will take a look at the ongoing evolution of SAP Analytics Cloud, its current and planned capabilities & road-map.We will also look into the recent SAP’s BI & Analytics statement of direction and what it means for SAP Analytics Cloud.

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