27 Mar 2019

Life after Xcelsius: Lumira Designer or SAP Analytics Cloud?

In this webinar replay, we explore the various options available in SAP Lumira Designer and Visual BI Extensions for SAP Lumira Designer – (VBX) to help migrate existing SAP Dashboards/Xcelsius and BusinessObjects Explorer applications to SAP Lumira Designer/ SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC).

13 Sep 2018

Why Customers Need to Upgrade to SAP Lumira 2.2

This webinar recording aims at portraying to customers the latest updates in the strategy for SAP Lumira. We will also be throwing focus on the latest features offered by SAP Lumira 2.2 and explaining the reasons behind this version of Lumira being the essential upgrade for customers on the lookout to address their data discovery and application building needs.

30 May 2018

What’s New with VBX 2.3 for SAP Lumira Designer?

In this webinar recording, Bhupinder and Dinesh unveil Visual BI Extensions (VBX 2.3) for SAP Lumira Designer/SAP Design Studio.

24 Jan 2018

What’s New with VBX 2.2 for SAP Lumira Designer?

In this webinar recording, Bhupinder Singh Chadha discusses what’s new with Visual BI Extensions (VBX 2.2) and learn firsthand how additional capabilities delivered by VBX helps drive SAP Lumira adoption by meeting specific needs of business users & BI developers in the enterprise.