VBX Extensions - Utilities

for SAP Lumira Designer

The Utilities suite delivers a powerful set of custom print, export and presentation options.

The list of components and value-added features delivered are highlighted in the tables below.


Utility ControlsSAP®VBX
Search Box
Script Box
Custom Label
What-If Analyzer
Advanced KPI Tile (Multi-Value) **
• Advanced Formatting Capabilities
• Support for Micro Charts, Multiple Data Sources
• Conditional Formatting Capabilities
• Customizable Structure & Dynamic Containers
Export to MS PowerPoint, Word and Outlook
• Consistent layouts using templates
• E-mails generated directly from the dashboard for
Trend Icon
• Dynamic Trend indicator for your KPI
• Advanced Conditional Formatting
Web Services (WSDL) or WEBI as a Datasource
• Use Web Intelligence (WEBI) Reports or Instances as data
• use SOAP Based Web Services
Spreadsheet as a Data Source
• Use Excel sheets or Google sheets as data source
Advanced Table **
• Interactive Filtering
• Pivot Table Mode
• Column Resizing
• Dynamic Alerts & Alert Columns
Export to PDF **
Responsive UI Container **
• Simple and Advanced mode for Mobile dashboard
• Interactive Mobile Preview
• Profile based Chart Configuration
• Profile based Dashboard Layout
• Multiscreen View NEW!
Menu Component
Trellis Component **
Constant Data Source with BYOD NEW!
OData as Data Source NEW!

** Partially supported by SAP

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VBX Utilities-Advanced KPI Tile

Advanced KPI Tile

VBX Utilities-Advanced Table

Advanced Table

VBX Utilities-Super Combination Chart

Super Combination Chart