Some of you might still remember a product called SAP BusinessObjects Explorer with the ability to use facet navigation across multiple dimensions, and quickly switch between different types of charts. In addition, the user also had the ability to leverage Exploration Views and create their own “mini dashboards” based on the selected components.

I am sure that most of you are also aware that, according to SAP’s roadmap, SAP BusinessObjects Explorer doesn’t have  “the brightest future” and that they’re now pointing their customers to SAP Lumira and SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio. So, at Lumel, we’ve been working on a ready-to-deploy application that matches what SAP BusinessObjects Explorer was providing, for some time and I’m happy to say, that we are finishing up the application as we speak and will provide it to our VBX customers very soon.

We made the choice and went with SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio as the base for our application, and as the video below shows, the Lumel Explorer app provides the following functionalities:

  • Faceted navigation
  • Ability to quickly customize the style, include SAP Belize and SAP Blue Crystal
  • Users can quickly customize the number of facets based on the dimensions from the data source
  • Users can quickly switch between different chart types and can also choose the measures and dimensions for the chart
  • Ability to do a full text search across the complete data set
  • Choose and switch between data sources on the fly
  • Users can quickly save the view and create their own “mini dashboards”
  • No coding required and ready to deploy in less than 5 minutes

In case you’re interested in seeing a live demonstration of our Lumel Explorer application or would like to try it out for yourself, you can register for a 15-day trial of our VBX or you can visit us at next week’s SAP Insider conference– click here to register for a face-to-face meeting with us at the event.